Virus Removal Wollongong

Virus & Spyware Removal

Is your computer displaying just a black screen, your desktop icons are missing, you can’t find personal files, photos, your computer or laptop started running very slow, does not respond, your home page has been changed, you can not open task manager… Or maybe you have “Anti-Virus” that scans your PC and then asks for money to remove the viruses or perhaps you have received notice from Australian Federal Police. All of these symptoms are related mostly to virus, spyware, trojans, ransomware, scareware, fakeware infections. We deal with these issues everyday. As they say, PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE. Let us configure your computer/laptop and enjoy using it worry free. We use state of the art virus and spyware removal tools that guarantee results first time, every time.


Apple Mac Repairs Wollongong

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Every computer or laptop after some time needs tune-up or simple clean-up service, think of it as a car service. We don’t buy cars and drive them without regular service, do we? Same thing. We perform various computer repairs such as: general clean-up, optimization, hard drive replacement, memory upgrades, brand new computer or laptop configuration/setup, email configuration, wireless networking setup, security and much more… Armed with years of hands-on experience and world-wide reputable savvy technicians, we can fine tune your laptop or computer to work even better than the original OEM configuration.


On-Site Mobile Laptop Repairs Wollongong

Pick-Up & On-Site Repairs

GeekTech Solutions provides pickup and on-site service. When you call us or send email, one of our tech support team members will do quick diagnostics and will advise you if it is better to schedule on-site visit or pickup and bench repair. Why? Because there is not much point for the technician to stay on-site and do the troubleshooting/repair and charge you per hour fee. It all depends on the fault/problem reported, obviously. This is one of the many reasons our new customers love us and the existing ones stay with us.


Home & Office Networking Setup Wollongong

Home & Office Networking

These days most people have at least two or three computers/laptops or WiFi enabled devices, such as PS4, XBOX 360/ONE, iPhone, Android…. Your Internet service provider has given you a modem (for free) that has only one LAN port, but you would like to connect all of your WiFi enabled devices. We can setup your network, wired or wireless, at home or in your office making sure that your network will be secure and interference free. We can setup your network printers and share it so all of your home or office computers can print. We can setup your personal file sharing, NAS devices or firewalls.


Remote IT Assistance Wollongong

Remote IT Assistance

For a set fee GeekTech Solutions provides remote IT support/assistance to any computer, laptop, server around the world. We install remote client software on your computers and perform various software troubleshooting. From simple application install to complex issues. Right before your eyes, you can watch and relax while our technician resolves the issues for you. Please Note: Active internet connection is required for remote assistance.


Data Recovery Illawarra

Data Recovery & Safe Back Up

As much as we like to think that every electronic device should last at least 4 to 5 years, studies have shown that most of the electronics fail within the 2 year period. That study included computers, laptops, hard drives, digital cameras, memory cards. We perform data recovery from trashed hard drives, corrupted MBR sector, SMART failure, external hard drives, SD, xD ,MS, MsDuo, MsPro, CF cards. We can recover your photos from corrupted memory cards or if you have accidentally deleted them. Advice and guide on safe backup is also available for home or office use. Call us for more info.


Computer Tuition Wollongong

Computer Tuition & Training

Not everyone is tech savvy and knows how to perform basic or complex computer operations. This is where we step in. GeekTech Solutions provides visual computer training and tuition in plain English, One On One or group training, at your home or office. One on one training is at set fee per hour/session. Group training for offices and individual applications for business use are also available. Contact us for obligation free quote for business training.


Business IT Consulting Wollongong

Business IT Consulting

If you are looking to upgrade your office computers or perhaps setup your new office or need information on what you need to get for your office, contact us and we will schedule on-site visit and provide in-depth IT audit and consulting for your business, so that You benefit the most. Get the right advice first time and every time.


Hardware & Software Upgrades

Hardware & Software Upgrades/Troubleshooting

GeekTech Solutions provides almost all hardware parts at very competitive prices. Whether you need extra memory to speed up your laptop or computer, new SSD (Solid State Drive) to speed up your laptop, maybe new graphic card, computer case, power supply, monitor … Whatever it is we can supply it!


Linux & Open Source Applications Wollongong

Linux & Open Source Applications

GeekTech Solutions is proud supporter of various Linux distributions and Open Source Applications. What is Linux? Simply put, another operating system similar to Windows or OS X developed and maintained by community members. Linux is virus-free OS that will perform well even on your old Pentium IV with only 256MB RAM and integrated GFX. We perform custom deployment of Debian based distributions that provide: Secure Web Browsing with content filtering, Email, Photo Editing, Office Suite compatible with Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010/2013, PDF reader, Instant Messaging, Data DVD/CD, MP3, Audio Burning, Backup Utility, Direct Export to PDF, and much more. The possibilities are endless. We provide Linux training, help and remote assistance.


HP Compaq Toshiba Asus Sony Acer Apple Lenovo Samsung

Servicing All Major Brands

HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Asus, Sony, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung or any Generic Computer. The above mentioned services are just a small portion of what we provide for everyday home computing or business users.


Customer Focus & Accountability

Peace Of Mind & Customer Focus

Get Professional Help by Certified Technicians with real life hands-on experience. 2 Minutes Fix or advice is always free. Sometimes smile on a customers face says it all. We have been providing Wollongong and Illawarra’s region with IT support for over 10 years